Abul Hayat acts in short film of Kolkata for first time


National Film Award and Ekushey Padak-winning veteran actor-playwright-director Abul Hayat is going to appear in a short film of Kolkata titled ‘Ginni’. The short film is directed and scripted by Samrat Das.

This is for the first time that Abul Hayat has worked in a short film for Kolkata and he will be seen portraying the protagonist, Dipak Babu, who is lonely at the older age.

Born in Murshidabad (India), Abul Hayat’s family moved to Chittagong (Bangladesh) due to his father’s transfer in job. His family never really returned to his birthplace, but he never tried to ignore acting proposal from that place. So, now for the first time, the veteran actor is going to star in the short film ‘Ginni’, a production made outside Bangladesh.

DhakaLive has news that Abul Hayat has already completed the shooting in Kolkata within two and a half days, and now he is back in Dhaka once again. Although, the actor earlier starred in three tele-dramas in Kolkata, but this will be the first time that he starred in a film in India.

Director Samrat Das said about the film, “Day by day, we have become dependable on the machines. If we look closer then we will notice that we spend more time with machines. Dipak Babu has made friendship with an inverter. Abul Hayat agreed to do this role of Dipak Babu, because of it’s slightly comedy drama flavour.”

Abul Hayat said about acting in the short film, “The character is humorous, yet the character is so realistic. An elderly person has to spend his leisure time somehow. Samrat Das is really a talented director.  With a lot of joy and content, we did a splendid job. He wanted me to do this role wholeheartedly. His strong will and spree had made me to work in the film sincerely. I am very hopeful about the film.”

On the other hand, after returning to Dhaka, Abul Hayat has become busy with acting. He will complete the shooting of the last phase of his directorial venture ‘Tin Pagoley Holo Mela’, an ongoing drama serial on Channel I, on January 12. Moreover, he is acting regularly in Rahamatullah Tuhin’s ‘Jokhon Kokhono’, Fazlur Raman’s ‘Ultopothey Ultorothey’, VK Akash’s ‘Kate House’, Solaiman Joy’s ‘Mirjafar’ and other drama serials.


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