Home performance will keep Tigers ahead: Mahmud


Sports desk: Khaled Mahmud Sujon has recently been named the technical director of the Bangladesh team by Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) ahead of the next back-to-back home series.

Considering the Tigers’ last three and-half-a-years performance especially at home yard, Sujon describes Bangladesh ‘top favourite’, starting that they will surely be the most-liked team in the season-starting tri-angular series.

“Challenge will always be there but I think it’s an opportunity for me. There is a pressure of expectation along with the pressure of supporters in Bangladesh perspective. Supporters go to the stadium and chanted for the team that most of the time helps for us,” said Khaled Mahmud, who is also an elected member of the BCB.

“There will be pressure whether it is national and international cricket. I think, most of the players have been performing together for the last three and half-a-years. I’ve seen them performing and enjoying cricket as they won many more matches here in this condition. I think the next series they will also enjoy,” Mahmud said.

“The pressure will always be there for the players and coaches. I’ll be there with the new charge so I’ll also be under pressure. It’s a first time duty as a technical director. But I like to take pressure what I carried throughout my life. It’s an opportunity for me. I believe, players are in fine fettle and in good nick. We’ve just needed to coordinate them. Beside that, we’ve to execute our planning properly. If we could do these things we’ll obviously be ‘top favourite’ in the tournament,” he added.

Former captain, who guided the Tigers at different times as team manager, said that they will shift their game plan what is needed to script victory against their rivals of the tri-nation.

He also said that the players they have in the squad, the bulk of them, have been playing in tandem for the last three-four years, who know how to play and how to beat their opposition on their condition.

“We’ll do what is needed for the team’s combination. I think performance is the most important what I always said. Experience is experience because there is no comparison of it. We’ve five senior players, who all are experienced. Their performance speaks their capability,” Sujon said.

“To be honest, Zimbabwe is one type of team in one day and Sri Lanka is a team who play different brand of cricket. We’ll have different game plan against these teams and that our team will be different against them. Actually there will be a bit of changes in our team and that would be done for the need of the team,” he also said.

“I’ll not retract from it for winning. I’ll take challenge what is better for the team combination. It’s a big matter that we’ve Mashrafe, and Shakib, the duo who are experienced. As we’ll play at local condition we know what will be better for us and we’ll do what is good for the team,” he added.

He said that they will focus more on their strength and attempt to tame their opponents regardless of their strong and weak points.

“We’ll have planning where there will be a bit of changes. It may be that we could field to play four seamers in a match that you never know. Wicket, condition and reading the opponent, we may give chance to spinners,” he said, adding: “It’ll be different as one is an Asian team and another is African team. Everything will be in our mind. The strength we’ve in the team will play with that. Actually, we’ll play to see our condition in mind.”


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