Huge preparations for Autumnal Durga Festival in Jackson Heights, New York



Biplob Shaha Raju
Biplob Shaha Raju

bornomala news (New York, 25 September) : For the first time in New York, preparations for the observation of Durga Puja are going on in a festive mood at the heart of the Bengali community, Jackson Heights. The four-day Durga Festival to be held in Belegino Banquet and Party Center close to 73rd street from October 9 thru October 12 will include grand cultural programs as well as a fair of various commodities.

Responding to the initiative of young entrepreneur Biplob Shaha (Raju), chief of restaurant equipment supplying institute ‘Raju Equipment & Suppliers’, organizer Debashish Dash Bob and followers of sanatana dharma of various classes and professions have come forward to help this arrangement be a success. Biplob Shaha Raju, organizer of this arrangement, informed that the non-communal Bangladeshi business persons too have extended a helping hand in this regard.

Biplob Shaha Raju told Bornolama that apart from the best Bangladeshi artists, artists from Mumbai and Kolkata too will perform in the cultural programs of the puja. He hopes that all secular-minded expatriate Bangladeshis will participate in this Durga Festival, which will uphold a non-communal Bangladesh to the mainstream America.


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