Internet slows


Dhaka: The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on Saturday instructed telecom operators to slow down the speed of the internet to second generation (2G).
The BTRC said the decision was taken following directives of the high-ups in the government. Telecom operators confirmed that they had received such a directive from the BTRC.

 Two of the country’s telecom operators have already started slowing down the speed of the internet. Sources said the speed of the internet will remain slow till further instructions.

 Acting chairman of the BTRC, Jahirul Haque, did not deny it while talking to The Independent.
He said “There is apprehension that the student movement may become chaotic.”

 The suggestion of slowing down the internet speed from fourth generation (4G) to 2G came from a high level police meeting on Thursday.
Police sources said students are using social networking sites, like Facebook, to spread their movement.

The students are making various comments on Facebook. A decision has been taken to identify the Facebook ID of such users.

 The police feel that if the internet speed is slowed down to 2G, data flow will be slow and the use of Facebook will also decrease. Ultimately, the comments of the movement will not spread.


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