Ireen Tany returning with two new films


Ireen-Tany1Ireen Tany, a young actress of the new generation who made her film debut with Badal Khandakar’s ‘Bidrohi Padma’ in 2007, is returning to the big screen after a long hiatus. The actress’ upcoming films are Khan Zehad’s ‘Kolpo-Na’ and Golam Mustafa Shimul’s ‘Lobon’. Dhaka Live has news that Ireen Tany has completed the shooting for the film ‘Kolpo-Na’ and the shooting of ‘Lobon’ is almost done.

Ireen Tany shared her thought about working in her new films, “Every artiste wishes to act in the films. I was fortunate enough that I got that opportunity in the beginning of my career. But I became busy with working in the TV dramas. Thus, I was unable to give time for acting in the films. However, I really liked the script and the character of the films ‘Kolpo-Na’ and ‘Lobon’. As a result, I have given enough time for acting in both films and I am very hopeful about my latest projects.”

To note, Ireen Tany acted in several audience-admired tele-dramas, such as ‘Mudra Dosh’, ‘Rong March’, and ‘Red Signal’, among others after she was introduced by the film ‘Bidrohi Padma’  a decade ago.


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