Jamaica-NY Hindu Community Janmasthami Parade & Nagar Kirtan 2016



News Desk: The Jamaica-NY Hindu Community together with other Hindu organizations in New York arranged the Janmasthami Parade and Nagar Kirtan on September 18th, 2016 starting at 5:00 PM.

The Parade & Nagar Kirtan 2016 was greeted by Shameem Ahsan the Consul General of Bangladesh in New York being present at Vidya Dham one of the centers of Hindu Community in Jamaica at 8843 162nd Street where the parade float was decorated and prepared for this Rally & Nagar Kirtan 2016. Prasadm was also prepared here in Vidya Dham and distributed to the jamaica-puja-002devotees after the Parade and Nagar Kirtan finishes at 8:00 PM.

The Parade and Nagar Kirtan started from 162nd & Hillside Ave and proceeded along Hillside
Ave all the way up until 171st Street making right turn on it. There were huge group Kirtanias chanting loud on the Avenue and Street playing Mridangas, Kortals, Conches, Kasha and other musical instruments brought and carried by the devotees of the organizations.


Many leaders and members of the organizations such as Bangladesh Hindu Mandir, Mahamaya Mandir  Bangladesh Vedanta Society, Jamaica Kali Mandir, Hari Mandir of Motua Mission, North America Hindu Kollyan Parishjamaica-puja-004ad, Sarbojanin Gita Sanga, Sat Sanga, Guru Chakra, Sarbojanin Harinam Sampradaya, Sanatan Sebasram Sanga, Radha Madhab Mandir, Bangladesh Puja Samiti, Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad and so forth organizations were taking part of the parade and chanting for Nagar Kirtan ma
king the event great and successful. Special thanks to St. John University Hindu Student Council for help in organizing the parade. All the attended devotees of various organizations were very cheerful and glad feeling blessed by the grace of supreme personality of God Head Lord Krishna.

The parade ended at 8:00PM but the whole event ended at 10:00PM after the devotees delivered speeches/wishes and received Prashadm. NYPD were given thanks for their excellent service assisting the pajamaica-puja-003rade performing Nagar Kirtan safe.

Many devotees were e
nthusiast delivering speeches and wishes for the community peace prosperity. Many wished for organizing and attending the same event next year with more growing and great way. Out of many speakers and wishers namely, Swami Guru Anand, Nabendu Datta, Swapan Das, Shankar Parial, Prof. Sabyasachi Dastider, Dr. Provat Das, Rina Saha, Sitangshu Guha, Harini Bangera, Radhye Shaym, Foni Bhushan, Ajit Bhomik, Shamal Das, Nirmal Paul, Ashim Saha, Nepal Mazumder, Goranga Das, Deepak Das, Parimal Debnath, Samar Roy and so forth. All were praising the organizers and volunteers specially for Priyatosh Dey & his team who took the initiative of this great event organizing with other Hindu organizations jamaica-puja-005in Jamaica


Those who couldn’t attend due to unavoidable affairs or short notice but sponsored or assisted in the event and wished to attend next time are namely Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Attorney Ashok Karmaker, Dr. Samir Sarker, Dr. Sagar Baral, Dr. Utpal Chy, Ranjana C. Mission, Debashis Debnath, Umesh Paul, Santosh DebNath, Nihar Sarker and so forth.


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