Jovan and Sabila now come up with ‘Polayon Bidya’


Jovan-and-Sabila1Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Sabila Nur, two popular models-actors of the new generation, have worked together in several projects earlier. The celebrity duo has been praised by the audiences for their wonderful performances. Keeping up with the trend of their good jobs, they have paired up together once again in a short film ‘Polayon Bidya’. Written and directed by Iftakhar Ahmed Oshin, the short film has hit the YouTube this Sunday.

Released on the official YouTube channel of Central Music and Video (CMV), the story revolves around an eloping bride and her lover. The lover waits for the bride beside the wedding place so that they can elope. After keeping the boy waiting for two hours, the bride comes and they set off for the railway station.

The story gets a twist when the bride Orsha demands to go back home thinking about her father’s health. After a lot of arguments, the lover agrees to return her and so the story becomes now the return of the bride. The journey of homecoming and the emotions during the period of journey become the main theme of the story.

Along with Jovan and Sabila Nur, Shamim Hasan Sarkar also starred in this film. ‘Polayon Bidya’ has been produced and distributed by CMV. The romantic song titled ‘Kotha Dao’, sung by Imran Mahmudul, has been used in the short film.


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