Joya Ahsan bags another Kolkata film



Crossing the boundary of the home, popular Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahsan is nowadays a very popular name in the neighboring country and has already gained a reputable position in the Kolkata film industry. Joya, who has always been regarded as a successful actress in Dhaka showbiz, came to limelight after working in a few films-most of them were successful-in the West Bengal film industry. Now, she is going to act in yet another new film in Tollywood.

Renowned actor-filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly will direct Joya’s new film titled ‘Bisarjan’, casting the actress in a lead role. In the film, Joya will play a character named Padma. All this information was revealed at a press conference held in Kolkata on October 6.

Joya said about working in her new film, “I had a desire to work in the film of Kaushik Da (Kaushik Ganguly). I acted alongside him earlier in the film ‘Abarta’ and this time, he will direct me. I am immensely happy for this. For the film, there are lots of props needed from Bangladesh. For example, things like firebox, soap, match, etc. will be required, and I have already brought a few of the items.”

It is going to be a love story-based film; the plot is about then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Moreover, emphasis will be given on the facts like the border areas and check posts of that time. In the film, Abir Chatterjee from Tollywood will act opposite Joya. Besides, director Kaushik Ganguly himself will also be seen playing an important role in the film.


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