Julia Roberts to play real-life PTA mom in ‘Framed’


Julia Roberts is attached to play PTA mom Kelli Peters in “Framed.” The true crime film is based on Peters’ and Sam Rule’s book, “‘I’ll Get You!’ Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom.” Peters was the subject of a recent six-part series by L.A. Times writer Cjulia-roberts11hristopher Goffard. Her life was nearly destroyed after being framed for drug possession by the parents of another child at her daughter’s elementary school in Irvine, Calif.

The parents – Jill and Kent Easter – planted drugs including marijuana and pills – in Peters’ car as part of a smear campaign to have her ousted as PTA president and her reputation destroyed. Criminal charges were brought against the Easters, both lawyers. Before planting the drugs, the Easters had harassed and even filed a civil suit against Peters – all stemming from one incident when their son was left locked outside the school for a few minutes while under Peters’ care. The actress has taken on maternal roles lately. In the recent “Mother’s Day,” Roberts played a woman who gave up her child at birth – See more at: http://dailyasianage.com/news/32212/julia-roberts-to-play-real-life-pta-mom-in-framed#sthash.vDNbEcOq.dpuf


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