Khan’s Tutorial Celebrates Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony 


New York, NY – On Sunday, December 2nd, Khan’s Tutorial (KT) hosted its Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony at the Colden Auditorium at Queens College. Khan’s Tutorial celebrated students in their Common Core Program who received perfect scores – single 4s and double 4s on their ELA and Math Common Core Citywide/Statewide Exams. KT Chairperson Ms. Nayeema Khan, was also recognized for her recent appointment as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador by the International Congress of Media to promote the UN Sustainable Goal for Quality Education.

In 2018, Khan’s Tutorial helped over 1,031 students score perfect 4/4s on their Common Core exams. 676 students scored double 4/4s and 355 students scored a single 4/4. Many 4th graders scored triple 4/4s after taking the Common Core Science State Test. A score of 4/4 means that these students met and excelled beyond the standards set for elementary and junior high school students.

“It is Khan’s Tutorial’s 25th year and I am thrilled to see the number of students celebrating with us grow each year. We are not only celebrating our students perfect scores this year but also the countless days each week that families dedicate to their child’s education. Finally, I’d like to thank the Quality Managers who contribute their weekends to Khan’s mission to improve student test scores and educate for life,” said Director of Common Core, Nadia Hossain.

“Congratulations to more than 1,031 Common Core families that have achieved a perfect score by attending Khan’s Tutorial. Right now less than 50% of students across New York State are grade-level proficient (receiving either a 3 or 4) in both ELA and Math. Oftentimes, public city classrooms are overcrowded with more than 30 kids to one teacher. The parents that choose Khan’s Tutorial Common Core program understand that their public schools alone cannot help their child achieve a 4/4. Once again, we thank and acknowledge all of the proactive, motivated, and incredibly dedicated parents who took the extra step by choosing Khan’s for their kids,” said Dr. Ivan Khan, CEO & President of Khan’s Tutorial.


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