Leh, Italy, Ireland: Marathon runners are going places


Endurance sports like marathons and half marathons were introduced to people of Nagpur three-four years ago.

But today, adventure lovers of the city are not merely participating in tough marathons across India, they are also spreading their wings all over the world to run for fitness, health or simply — their passion for running. After making a mark in the recently organised Leh and Satara marathons, some of these runners are also ready to participate in various other national and international marathons of repute…

Runners who have done well in some of the popular events, admit that it is the bonding that helps people connect and perform better. A motivational speaker and CA, Dr T S Rawal, shares, “Last week I participated in Satara Hill Ultra Half Marathon and I completed the 21km run in two hours and 40 minutes, which is a very good timing.

Satara Hill is known as one of the toughest runs in the world, where a large number of people run uphill and downhill together. This was my 23rd marathon in over two years. Now I’m all set to participate in full marathon in Bangalore in October, after that there is Zero Mile Marathon in Nagpur.

Now I’m totally addicted to this adrenaline rush that I get after completing each marathon, plus the release of endorphins gives me a high and keeps my energy levels up, all day long.”nterestingly, it is not the students who have generally taken to this tough format of endurance sports. Most of the marathon runners are either professionals or entrepreneurs, who are in a position to strike a balance between the yin and yang of — work and passion.

Sameer Sahu, who regularly participates in Mumbai Marathon, Ladakh Marathon and Pune Ultra Marathon etc., and has won many prizes too, shares, “I was one of the four participants from Nagpur to run for Mumbai Marathon in 2013, whereas last year over 120 people from the city participated in the event.

This is a clear indication of the growing craze for marathons as far as Nagpurians go. Seeing the passion of people here, I have formed a group called Nagpur Runners, which has become a fast growing community of over 4000 members.

We train, travel, participate together and share the benefits of information related to events, nutrition, fitness, health etc.”Some of these marathon runners are slowly becoming an integral part of various international marathons too.

City youngster Kieren DSouza certainly belongs to this cadre. He shares, “I started running for fun and now I’m into it, full-time. Last week I participated in The Most Beautiful Thing Marathon, which is quite popular in Malaysia and secured fourth rank in 50 km category.

This year I also participated in 50 km category in Trail World Championship in Italy and 24 hours World Championship in Belfast, Ireland. I completed both the runs although I would definitely want to improve my timing in the next season.” Ask him about the next big events on his itinerary and Kieren replies, “My energies are totally focussed on 30km sky run that is being organised in Manali and Malnad Ultra; both the events will be organised in October and I’m already practising for these.”



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