Lyricist Masum turns composer and vocal artist


“When the ink licks the pen, story begins. The lyric finds the rhymes and rhythms”, said Masum, a well-known lyricist of the country. With his lyrics mostly Bappa Mazumder made some remarkable compositions which really whispers in the ear. The songs like ‘Rater Train’, ‘Dhulo Pora Chithi’ and many other lyrics like ‘Kokhono Ichchhe Hoy’, ‘Chokheri Jole’, and recently ‘Akta Chaya’, among others, written by Masum already found the colours of compositions and made a signature mark.

On the other hand, he also wrote lyrics for some of the prominent bands of the country such as Souls, Ark, Prometheus, as well as popular artistes like, James, Manam Ahmed, Andrew Kishore, Baby Naznin, Mehrin, Kona, Kaniz Shuborna and Alam Ara Minu, among others.

After a long break, he started his journey as a composer and vocal artist. So far, he has composed a number of songs, including ‘Mon Jodi na Chay’, ‘Mon Bashona’, ‘Protidin’, ‘Tomake chai’, ‘Akta Jhorer Rat’, ‘Mon to Badha Porechhe’, ‘Piriter Naire Akar’, ‘Koto Ronger Manush’, ‘Bachte Shikhi’ and ‘Mon Pobon’. For music composition, he has chosen Bappa Mazumder, Pankaz, Amzad Hossain and Syed Kamrujjaman Shujan.

A music video of his single ‘Mon Jodi Na Chay’ released recently. Music composition of the song was done by Syed Kamrujjaman Shujan and the video is directed by Yamin Elan.

Moreover, he has started a project of modern folk songs for renowned artistes. As a part of the project, celebrated singer Fahmida Nabi has already sung ‘Mon Pobon’ beautifully and a music video has already been underway, which will be released on YouTube soon.

To note, Masum is set to launch his newly-formed workstation named MAS in the New Year with his own music video ‘Mon Bashona’ l


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