Madonna’s Speech at Women’s March


Erikka Chowdhury

Erikka Chowdhury
Erikka Chowdhury

There was a massive amount of passion and power in Madonna’s speech at the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21st. She emphasizes the “revolution of love” and how the people of the United States can unite to bring forth justice and spread love across the nation. I’m a strong advocate of embarking upon the task of uniting as a nation in order to eradicate all the forces of evil and spread the pristine values of love, tranquility, and goodness throughout the nation. Her surprise visit at the Women’s March sparked wonders at the grand event consisting of hundreds of thousands of active participants of the Women’s March. It is highly remarkable how she got a plethora of the members to chant “We choose love” after her in a synchronized manner. As women, she is extremely bold and open about her views regard1485034849227ing the way women can be treated and how they will not be given individualized rights to decide on what they would want to do with their life. Moreover, she blatantly states her r
efusal towards accepting this new age of tyranny. The way she’s voicing her strong opinions with an intensified amount of confidence will further enable more young women to fearlessly voice their opinions on various forms of injustices and prejudices which can be meted out to them confidently. Also, her speech proclaims the fact that she is with the Americans who were present at the Women’s March and how she encourages everyone to walk hand in hand while promoting change and embark on the overall “revolution of love.” Finally, she strongly believes in the idea that justice will take place and that we are responsible for making this happen. Despite the fact that good was unable to emerge victorious at the election, Madonna claims that good will definitely emerge as victorious at the end. I strongly respect her claims and hope that change is what we will accomplish at the end of the battle.


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