Nayeem, Faria in short film for first time


Nayeem-Faria1Actor FS Nayeem and actress Sabnam Faria have worked together in a short film for the first time. Under the direction of Riyad Talukdar, the screenplay of the short film titled ‘Sohoj Shikaruikti’ is written by director Mabrur Rashid Bannah. Apart from working in several tele-dramas together, this is for the first time that the duo is appearing in a short film.

The story of ‘Sohoj Shikaruikti’ revolves around a young jolly couple, who are happily married. To celebrate their first year marriage anniversary, they go out without deciding any destination and winds up in a quiet place where they can spend some quality time. As they start to play an innocent Q&A game of getting to know each other more intimately.

There comes the question about old flings in their lives and the story starts to get complicated, after Shabnam easily confesses about a man whom she loved and was intimate with for the first time. After the confession, the story turns to a new direction and their life starts to get complicated.

Sabnam Faria said, “The story of the short film is very familiar and also relatable to many. I liked the story, screenplay and direction very much. As this kind of topic is sensitive, we do not work with these types of familiar stories that much.”

‘Sohoj Shikaruikti’ will be released on the official YouTube channel of CMV very soon.


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