New York Lawmakers wants Queens Nazi gone

Jakiw Palij
Jakiw Palij

New York: The entire New York House delegation, along with the state’s two U.S. senators, called on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to deport a former Nazi living in Jackson Heights.

Jakiw Palij, 94, worked as a Nazi guard in Poland during World War II, but claims he was forced to do so and never killed anyone. He’s lived in the United States for decades.
“Removing Mr. Palij from American soil will send a message not only to the citizens of New York, but to the entire world,” the letter to Tillerson says, according to published reports.
A federal judge has already ruled Palij should be extradited to Europe — in 2004, the justice stated he should be sent to Germany, Poland or Ukraine because he hid his Nazi-associated activities when he emigrated here in 1949. He claimed to be a farmer.
But all three countries the judge said he should be sent to have refused to take him.
“It has been 13 years since Mr. Palij lost his right to remain here, and it has taken far too long for these court orders to be carried out,” the letter to Tillerson states.

According to published reports, the Department of Justice is pursuing the issue and diplomats are reaching out to embassy officials in other countries.

Palij admitted to federal officials in 2001 to being trained at the Trawniki forced-labor camp. On November 3, 1943, more than 6,000 Jewish prisoners—including men, women and children — were shot to death there in one of the largest single massacres of the Holocaust.


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