Re-elected BCB chief Nazmul pledges to take Tigers to No 5 position in ODI Regional cricket associoations within next six months


Regional-cricket-associoationsSports desk: Nazmul Hasan Papon set off his journey as the elected president of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for the second consecutive time with an aim to take Bangladesh cricket to the fifth position in the ICC ODI rankings.

He also set his eye to take Bangladesh a healthy position in the longer version format as the newly elected and NSC nominated directors of the board unanimously elected him to the post yesterday.

It is actually the third time that Papon will assume chair after being nominated by government as BCB president in December 2012 when his predecessor AHM Mustafa Kamal was nominated as ICC president. As per ICC directive an election was held in October 2013 for the post of BCB president, through which Papon became first elected president of the board’s history.

“In our last period we aimed to take the team into the fifth position but unfortunately we couldn’t do that. We moved into the sixth position for short period and then downed to the seventh position. However this time we firmly believe we can reach the goal what we have set after the newly elected committee take over the charge,” Papon told the reporters yesterday.

After the introductory session of the directors on the BCB premises, Papon did not have to wait long to get his name inked in the history book of Bangladesh cricket as the 18th BCB president but more importantly being the only one till date to hold the post on two occasions without being nominated by government.

 BCB director AZM Nasir proposed his name as the BCB president that was immediately seconded by Monjur Kader and Akram Khan came forward to voice his approval only to be followed by the rest of the directors, apart from Tanjil Chowdhury as he was abroad for personal reasons.

“Nazmul Hasan is declared as the elected president of the newly-formed executive committee of BCB as there was no other candidate for the post,” Omar Faruk , the chief election commissioner, said yesterday.

With the formation of the board, Papon said he would look forward to complete the task that he failed to attend during his four-year tenure as the first elected BCB president that came to an end on October 17, 2017.

“I thank all of them who were behind me throughout this process,’” he said, adding that his challenge is tougher than the previous time because of the team would play most the cricket at abroad.

“This challenge is now tougher. We have to play most the matches at abroad. We’ll devise a plan because everything we should design newly. We haven’t elected vice-president yet and we also need to form the standing committee newly. We have also busy schedule coming up. You know the BPL is set to be held within a couple of days. After BPL is back to Dhaka, we’ll call a board meeting.”

Papon said they will be keen to see the regional cricket association eventually is materialized in the shortest period of time. The previous board could not deliver it despite being put up as one of his major pledge ahead of the previous election.

“We will try to make it final by next six months. The people from different part will have to come forward,” he said.

“There is a possibility that we can make a final layout of it within three months and later called the EGM to for approval. But first and foremost job is to talk with the people from different region as they will know how to make it most effective.”

“I wanted to come from the club category and honestly did not want to continue as the president and was willing to help if there was someone else as president,” said Papon about being in the hot seat of the country’s richest sports federation.

“It is a full time job and there is a challenge to adjust time as cricket is played nearly round the year so I felt that others can come forward after completing four years tenure,” he informed.

However Papon had presided over the first board meeting before coming to the media where several important issues were discussed.


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