Senator Sepulveda Honors Bangladesh Day

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March, 20, 2019: (Bronx, NY) Senator Sepúlveda celebrates the 49th Independence and National Day of Bangladesh in Albany. March 26th, 1971 marks the day that the resilient and brave leader of the nation’s Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, declared independence from Pakistan.

We remember the freedom fighters, who fought bravely and honorably to secure an
independent country for their people.
The Bangladeshi community have made New York their home, with their culture deeply
cherished from all around. “I have personally felt their presence in our district and
community, and I am proud to say that New York is a place that welcomes diversity, we
thank the Bangladeshi people for their contributions,” said Senator Sepúlveda. “It is a
privilege to commemorate this day at Albany with my Bangladesh brothers and sisters.”
Bangladesh Day will be held in Albany on March 27th , 2019 at 12P.M. While this day calls for much sorrow for the fallen soldiers that risked their lives during the war of independence, it is also a day to remember how a nation can surpass oppression and gain freedom.


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