Switzerland opens the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge


It took Swiss work crews just 10 weeks to complete the bridge which now forms part of the Europaweg, known as one of the most scenic two-day hikes in the Alps for offering panoramic views of the Matterhorn — the most iconic Swiss mountain peak — along with Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps.

Hikers who set off from Grachen will have the Matterhorn looming ahead of them, while those hiking towards Grachen will be in view of the Bernese Alps.

The bridge, meanwhile, spans the valley floor and connects the towns of Grachen and Zermatt. It replaces an older bridge that was closed in 2010 after being damaged from falling rocks, and spares hikers from having to make a major detour into the valley.

The newer version was built about 200 m below the old one, and is anchored deeply into the rock face to prevent similar damage.
It also measures just 65 cm wide, so that hikers must traverse in single file.

Meanwhile, the title of the world’s tallest, and longest glass-bottom bridge goes to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in the northern part of China’s Hunan province, spanning 430 m in length, and 300 m above the canyon floor.


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