Tariq Anam Khan and Tareen together in drama serial again


Tariq-Anam41National Film Award winning actor Tariq Anam Khan and audience-admired actress Tareen have acted together once again in a drama serial after a long hiatus. The duo will be seen playing the role of husband and wife in a drama serial titled ‘Bondhu Bote’, scripted and directed by Aranya Anwar.

DhakaLive has news that the 26-episode drama serial has already been submitted to RTV after completing its shooting recently. The drama serial is expected to start telecasting very soon, director Aranya Anwar informed.

Tariq Anam Khan said about working in the drama serial, “This is mainly a family story-based drama. After a long hiatus, I am acting with Tareen in the drama serial. I am enjoying the time very much. Besides, Aranya Anwar makes dramas with immense care. My character in this drama serial is also very interesting. Now, how the viewers would respond to it that will be understood when it will be aired on TV. But I am optimistic.”

Tareen said, “Tariq Anam Khan is a high-profile artiste of the country. I have grown up watching the acting of Tariq Anam Khan, Asaduzzaman Noor, Raisul Islam Asad and Afzal Hossain. It seems that acting in their blood when we see them acing. Because, they are able to blend with the characters.”

“Whenever I act with Tariq Anam Khan, I can learn something about acting from him. Working with a veteran actor like Tariq Anam Khan is a matter of good fortune for me”, she added, considering herself lucky with the opportunity of working alongside Tariq Anam Khan.

However, Tariq Anam Khan acted in Aranya Anwar’s drama serial ‘Rupkotha’ for the last time, while the last time Tareen was seen appearing in Aranya Anwar’s drama serial ‘Hoi Hoi Roi Roi’. l


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