Tigers ‘raring to fare well’ in Dhaka Test Mushfiq expects bowlers to bowl to their expectations


Sports desk: A fair chance to triumph the two-Test series against Sri Lanka 1-0 is dangling before them what they are raring to avail, says wicketkeeper-batsman Mushfiqur Rahim.

Mushfiq also said that the performance in last Test Chittagong ended in a draw due to the outstanding batting performance that will provide impetus to do well in Dhaka Test.

“We can take so many positives from the Chittagong Test. From our past stats we can easily say that we lost some Tests in such situation. But it’s a biggest accomplishment for us that we finally drew the Test what is much-needed for us,” said Mushfiqur Rahim, who becomes father of his first baby son on Monday but didn’t express his exact feeling of fatherhood after being questioned by media.

“Liton-Mominul partnership was outstanding, I think, the team will get more impetus after Chittagong Test. Probably we could not bowl very well but we’ll say that our bowlers were capable of,” Mushfiqur told reporters at first press meet after hailing from the part city yesterday.

“As more runs have been produced, our batsmen took that chance. Overall, Chittagong Test has been wonderful. We’re raring to fare well in Dhaka Test. We’ve a fair chance to win the Test series 1-0,” he added.

Citing the previous wicket condition during the Test series against England in 2016 and Australia in 2017, the right-handed batsman said that they should have focused mainly on their application not to think much about wicket for the next Test match.

“Whatever wicket we got in second Test in Dhaka if it’s tough for us, it’ll also be the same for the opposition as they have to come through that difficulty. And if it is normal what is happened in the last match it’ll then be the identical for both the teams,” the 29-year-old batsman thought.

“Actually we’ve no more times to think about wickets. We’ve two more days in our hands. At the same time, the wickets we had got against England and Australia series that was not easier for us,” he said.

“I think that we’ve to apply in right vein whatever wicket we play for. Last match, batsmen performed very well. By the grace of Allah, we’ve drawn the match in emphatic way. So, we’ve to apply us in right manner whatever the wicket is. If we could do it, I hope, the good result will also be produced,” he added.

The diminutive batsman said that if they get Chittagong like wicket there will be no problem in that case, you will see the reflect of first Test.

“At this moment, I’m not very close to the team management. Therefore, I think, we have two good memories in this ground what is not so far ago. We’ll try if our bowlers get such edge; in that case, it’ll not be a problem though it’s tough for batsmen,” he said, adding: “If we could get such wicket, we’re since capable of doing well what is showcased by our batsmen in the last day of the Chittagong Test. Obviously, it’ll give self-confidence us. Inshaallah, you will get to see the reflect of the Chittagong Test.”

Bogra-born Mushfiqur said that he will attempt his utmost best to make more runs in the next game.

“There is always a bit pressure. Captain is automatic choice for the team, in where there is no additional pressure to have performed to consolidate his position. Last Test, I tried my best to perform for the team. It’ll be unlucky that way out in second innings because the ball was not very good. Then I’ve tried my best. I’ll attempt to score more runs in the next match,” he viewed.


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