Top 10 travel destinations in Bangladesh


This rather small country Bangladesh has been bestowed with numerous natural beauty sites that comprise the top destinations for travelling and tourism. Indeed, many visitors from around the world come and visit many nooks that are offered. The heavenly colour palettes were poured generously on this little part of the world, giving rise to the Bandarban hills or the blue waters.

Any number of people may disagree with the ten that makes to the top, four options are countless and ten is a mere number compared to the sites. And yet a list tries to be, accumulating ten of the most beautiful destinations of Bangladesh. Destinations include sea beaches, tea gardens  and swamp forests to mangroves.

Inani : Along the shore of the unbroken 120 kilometers of sand, the Inani beach is said to be the most beautiful and enigmatic in view. Large boats of Shampan line the beach, colorful arcs breaking the horizon. The blue of the water is embedded with shells of many varieties that wash off at the shores for collection afterwards. The beach is also famous for its enormous coconuts with the never ending water source. Some compare it with the Elixir of Life.


Birishiri : In the proximities of Netrakona lie the natural beauty of white clay-made hills and tranquil turquoise that flows gently underneath. As the day deepens, so does the greenish blue of the water. Walking along the white clay soil, the scenery is exotic and unlike any vision in Bangladesh. The area is also rich in Ethnic groups and their livelihood.


Srimangal : Green tea gardens sprawl over large areas of elevated lands. Srimangal is also favorable for its zoo, water bodies and most importantly The Lawachhara Forest, which holds the magnificent old trees and wild animals in need of conservation. The haven for birds, animals and plants become a refuge for the wild souls within us.


Sundarbans : The largest single block mangrove forest resides in the south of Bangladesh. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a home to the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers. The abundance of the trees named Sundari gives birth to the name of the forest. The forest is a sanctuary for the tigers, as well as, is the abode to leopards, chital deer and wild boars, while the water bodies nests crocodiles, sharks and dolphins too.

Chhera Dwip : The coral reefs stacked one upon the other creates the shore of this beach. An extremely adventurous swim or a boat ride will take you this beach only a half hour away from Saint Martin’s Island. Complete isolation persists in the area so do not get stranded. The area is an embodiment of the word ‘remote’. You can get lost on your own, never wanting to return to the chaotic affairs of the world.

Chera Dwip

Mahasthangargh : One of the earliest archaeological sites of Bangladesh and hence with a rich cultural heritage. Pundranagara was the territory of Pundravardhana, which now resides in the village of Mahasthan in Bogra. Dated back to the 3rd century, the area was still in use till the 18th century. The brick structure reminds of a time long gone, yet the framework remains with a wonder to our eyes and a miracle to our touch.


Dinajpur : One of the best examples of Art of the Orient lies right here in Bangladesh, in the Kantajew Temple of Dinajpur. At Kantagar resides the temple with the intricately detailed terracotta with a story to tell in every tile. Maharaja Pran Nath had the temple built dedicating to the Lord Krishna and his wife Rukmini. The temple took 18 years for completion, so one can imagine the amount of sweat that went behind the work.


Ratargul : The swamp forest of Ratargul is the best escape into the greenery during the rainy seasons. The monsoon brings with it the overflowing river that half drowns the forest and leaves the thinning trail for the boats to pass through. With the trees at an arm’s length, one cannot see the sky upwards. It is green everywhere till you reach the middle with the high rising watchtower. Climbing the four flights gives one the entire scenery surrounding the area.


Nilgiri : The tallest mountain where the clouds come down to dance with the mortals, Nilgiri. The resort is a haven, modern into the wild with facilities to suffice an extraordinarily exciting trip to the hills. The mountains will echo with the lushness of the greens and the blue of the skies. And on special occasions, it will rain right around you. The seclusion on the top most floor of the country will chill you to your bones.


Mymensingh : Only a few hours away lie the town of Mymensingh, one of the most beautiful and idealistic towns of this country. The Brahmaputra river flows along the streets and drowns the commotion of the city. The city holds everything from art, culture for food and entertainment. The campus of the Bangladesh Agricultural University is like a town inside a town. The markets of the locality is a must visit for their amazing sweet meats and dairy product. The town is a balance between a natural and urbane vibe.


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