Top tourist attractions in Mumbai


You can hardly get away from the throng of humanity in maximum city, but if you want to scope folks from all walks, these are the hotspots. The usual stately sights might attract travellers to Mumbai but it’s impossible to look without people-watching.

Perhaps the most jaw dropping sight in all of Mumbai is how many people can fit into a space designed to hold a fraction of that number. It may be everyday and commonplace to the average Mumbaikar, but for a set of fresh eyes, these are the 10 best places to visit in Mumbai for people-watching.

Mumbai Chowpatty

While this tiny beach may not be everyone’s venue of choice for reading a book, it could be a great place to dig into a local beach snack or a flavoured soft drink.

Haji Ali

The Haji Ali Dargah is Mumbai’s most popular mosque and tomb, located on an islet 500 metres off the coast of Worli in South Mumbai.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station

Every city has an icon and CST Station, on the southern tip of the harbour and central railway line is Mumbai’s Statue of Liberty. Initially called the Victoria Terminus after the reigning Queen.

Churchgate Station

Mumbai is also a city that never stops and the most significant driving force that run’s the city’s economy has to be the Mumbai local train that transports over four million people from their suburban homes.

Jogger’s Park

This seaside park in Bandra is where Mumbai’s first laughing club was launched.

Marine Drive

There are few places in Mumbai that reveal the city’s glorious coastline the way Marine Drive does. Just 500 meters from Churchgate Station and you’re on the Southern seafront of Mumbai which has a coastline.


Located in the center of Mumbai, this prominent station offers many sights of Mumbaikars going about with their daily lives.


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