Women prone to kidney diseases Experts at a roundtable in capital


Experts at a roundtable yesterday said women are affected much more in kidney diseases comparing to men but in terms of kidney treatment they are lagging far behind and also going neglected in our country. At least 6 lakh of women sustain death untimely due to kidney failure across the globe every year. 14 per cent women are affected by acute kidney injury (AKI) while the ratio of male is 12 per cent which proves that women are neglected in terms of having treatment facilities, they are victim of discrimination in the male-dominated society, they said.

Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS) organised the roundtable in the capital to mark the ‘World Kidney Day-2018.

President Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), and former MP, Dr Mostofa Jalal Mohiuddin, Chairman of Kidney Foundation, Professor Dr Harun-or-Rashid, President of Bangladesh Renal Association, Prof Dr Rafiqul Alam, former Secretary and President of Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB), Golam Rahman, Associate Editor of Prothom Alo, Abdu Quayum Mukil, former cricketer Gazi Ashraf Hossain Lipu, Chairman of ‘Swarna Kishory Network Foundation’, Farzana Brownia and representatives from different trades of profession spoke in the roundtable.  Chief Consultant of the Department of Nephrology, Labaid Specialized Hospital, Dhaka, also Chairman of KAMPS, Professor Dr M A Samad moderated the roundtable and presented keynote paper on the present scenario of kidney disease in Bangladesh, its preventive measures and how to remove the discrimination of women in kidney treatment.

Speaking the meeting BMA President, Dr Mostofa Jalal Mohiuddin said presence of women in the top positions of the country’s political and administrative arenas is much more now-a-days, even female candidates are found more than male in admission tests of competitive exams including medical science, it means that we are on the way to cut off the stigma that women are lagging far behind in the society and nation.

He said Prime Minister herself is very much interested and keen to practically implementing the empowerment of women and their participation in decision making.    Chairman of Kidney Foundation, Professor Dr Harun said there have only about 100 dialysis centers in the country which is very much less in comparison to the huge number of kidney patients.

 More than 18000 patients get dialysis twice a week.

In the private sector dialysis centre the dialysis cost is very high, it’s from Tk 3,500 to 5,000 and is not affordable for the middle and lower income segment of people.

“In South Asia only 15 percent of patients get dialysis service against the total number and a huge number of patients fail to get this service due to financial inability and the situation in Bangladesh is alarming so the government has to take serious initiative to reduce the dialysis cost”, Dr. Harun added.

Film actor Ferdous praised the role of KAMPS in rising awareness among people about the change of lifestyle and preventing the killing disease like kidney disease.


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