World’s most beautiful country

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – August 8, 2015: Members of the public and tourists in Princes Street Gardens, a public park in the centre of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. In the background a ferris wheel and buildings on Princes Street can be seen.

The land of enchanting highlands and breathtaking mountain wilderness, mesmerising meadows and grassy glens, mystical lochs and quiet streams, mysterious and majestic hilltop castles and vibrant history and culture, lilting music and bewitching moments, Scotland is truly a dreamland.

“Scotland is the best place in the whole world,” so says actress Gail Porter.

Located in the northernmost part of the United Kingdom and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Scotland is made up of nearly 800 islands. And the country, blessed with awe inspiring natural beauty all around, remains the most beautiful country in the world.

And so, we bring you glimpses of some of the must-visit places in this green, cool country.


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