Zakir Khan’s family in  Manhattan homeless shelter


Zaki Khan With Family pic0000Bornomala News (New York): New York’s real estate developer, Zakir Khan was assassinated by his landlord after a tragic death. His close relatives and community leaders were vocal about the murder. After killing Zakir, the murderer, Mehran admitted to the murder and surrendered himself to a local police prescient. As a result of the confession, family members and community leaders did not have any further demands relating to the arrest of the suspect. Now an ongoing trial will determine the fate of the suspect. Many community members and friends have discussed arranging fundraising to ensure the trial of Zakir Khan but little do they understand that the government is responsible for the fair trial of this case. Therefore there is no reason to raise money to ensure that justice is served. When Zakir Khan passed away, he left behind a family that included wife, Nancy Khan and three children. However, little is known about his family’s whereabouts and current status. Ironically enough, Zakir Khan was an active member of his community. He sponsored several events and donated when needed.

Bornomala news invested and discovered the status of Zakir Khan’s family since his passing. Bornomala News can now confirm that Zakir Khan’s family has been staying in a small room in a Manhattan homeless shelter for the past three months. There living conditions is so severe that they have no capabilities to cook their own meal. They can only eat food pTaiba Khan With brother an sister- with fatherrovided by the homeless shelter.

Meanwhile, Zakir Khan’s wife is unable to rent a house at moment. The family is looking to relocate to the Bronx where resided previously. However, landlords in the Bronx are hesitant to rent to them because of their current circumstances. As a result, they have been denied rent in several places in the Bronx.

Zakir Khan’s children are now currently commuting to school from the homeless shelter they are residing in. Khan has a 13-year-old daughter in the 6th grade, a 9-year-old son in the fourth grade. He also has a 6-year-old daughter in kindergarten at Manhattan’s PS 116.

Meanwhile, on condition of anonymity, a Bangladeshi woman, who is in contact with Zakir’s family in the shelter home. She has confirmed their severe living condition in an exclusive interview with Bornomala News. She revealed in the interview that family are bound to the food that the shelter home provides but they miss eating Bangladeshi food most of all. However, there is a female Bangladeshi social worker that comes to visit them from time to time and brings with her some Bangladeshi cooked food to share with the family.


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